Digital Accessibility at the Chamberlain Library

Compatibility with Assistive Technologies

As defined by the Assistive Technology Act, an assistive technology device is any product used by people with disabilities to help them accomplish a task or overcome an obstacle. The following assistive technologies are compatible with the Chamberlain Library's website, search system and databases.

Screen Readers

  • VoiceOver (Apple): Mac and iPhone
  • Narrator (Windows)
  • NVDA (Windows)
  • JAWS (Windows)

Screen Magnifiers

  • Zoom (Apple): Mac and iPhone
  • Magnifier (Windows)

Speech Recognition

  • Voice Control (Apple): Mac and iPhone
  • Speech Recognition (Windows)
  • Dragon Speech Recognition (Windows)

Keyboard Access

  • The Chamberlain Library website provides full keyboard support to navigate the site.
  • While a keyboard can be used to navigate Primo, there are a few inaccessible areas that are highlighted in their accessibility statement.