Digital Accessibility at the Chamberlain Library

W3C Perspectives Videos

Before you get into the tutorials, watch these videos by the World Wide Web Consortium to see how accessibility benefits everyone.

Library Tutorials

How to Use Screen Readers

Watch our Screen Reader Video Series playlist in Kaltura to learn how to navigate the web and search the library with VoiceOver, Narrator, and NVDA.

How to Use Screen Magnifiers

Screen magnifiers allow you to zoom in on your computer's display wherever your cursor is. Follow the steps below to access and use screen magnifiers for the Windows and Mac operating system.

Windows OS

1. Turn Magnifier on by:

  • Selecting the Windows Logo Key + Plus Sign on your keyboard.
  • Entering 'Magnifier' into the search box in your taskbar, and selecting the app from the menu.
  • Selecting the Start (Windows Logo) button in the taskbar > Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > switching the Turn on Magnifier button to On.

2. Select the Windows Logo Key + Plus Sign or Minus Sign to zoom in and out.

3. To turn off, select the Windows Logo Key + Esc.


1. Turn Zoom on by selecting the Apple Logo button from the menu bar > System Settings > Accessibility > Zoom.

2. The easiest way to zoom in and out is with keyboard shortcuts. From the Zoom menu, switch the Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom button On. Once it is enabled, you can start using it immediately.

3. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out:

  • Select Command Option 8 to toggle it off and on. 
  • Select Command Option + to zoom in.
  • Select Command Option - to zoom out.

4. To turn off, go back to the Zoom menu, and turn off the buttons that you enabled.

Vendor User Guides

Below are user guides for the electronic resources that the library subscribes to, including eBooks, eJournals, databases, and discovery systems.

Section 508 Accessible Documents Videos is the official website of the United States General Services Administration. This agency is responsible for helping federal agencies comply with the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 requires that information and communication technologies offered by federal agencies are accessible to people with disabilities. This website provides many user guides and tutorials on how to meet these requirements, including the videos below on how to create accessible documents.