Nursing Theory and Theorists

This guide will help students research nursing theory and theorists at the Chamberlain Library

About This Guide

This guide features library sources on nursing theory and theorists. The first page of this guide lists eBooks covering background information on theories. The second page provides quick links to original publications from popular theorists. The third page provides instructions on finding articles addressing the application of a theory in a specific setting.

Explore Nursing Theory eBooks

You may need to find original works from notable nursing theorists or apply a theory to nursing practice. One of the best places to find information about these theorists and their theories are in eBooks. Below are some eBooks available from the library on this topic. Usually with these eBooks, each chapter covers a theory or theorist. These eBooks will give you background information on the theorist(s) and/or the details about the theory. You can find additional eBooks on this topic by doing a search for "nursing theory" on the library homepage.

General Overviews

Specific Theory Types