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Nursing Theory and Theorists

This guide will help students research nursing theory and theorists at the Chamberlain Library


This guide features a collection of resources related to nursing theories and theorists. Here, you will find links to library databases, videos, eBooks, and articles that cover key aspects of nursing theory research.

Nursing Theory Research

Original Publications

The easiest way to look up primary sources in nursing theory is to do a simple title search from the search box on the library homepage. If it is available, then it will be included in the list of results. 

Note! Not all original nursing theories are available digitally. We try our best to secure as many resources as we can, but some cannot be acquired.

Articles with Nursing Theory Applied

Nursing theory articles can be found through CINAHL Complete or PubMed by using the subject headings. 

CINAHL Subject Headings

1. To find subject headings in CINAHL, click on database link above, and go to CINAHL Subject Headings.

CINAHL Subject Headings thesaurus in top navigation menu

2. In the search box, enter one of the following search statements to find subject headings:

nursing theory
nursing theoretical model

CINAHL Subject Headings for "nursing theoretical model"

3. Click the Nursing Models, Theoretical heading, and choose the theorist you're looking for by clicking the box for Major Concept.

4. Hit Search Database, and you'll find a basic search strategy. 

PubMed MeSH

1. To find subject headings in PubMed, click on the database link above, and select MeSH:

PubMed MeSH Headings search for nursing theory

2. Search in PubMed for nursing theory or nursing model and specific words from the theory you're searching for.

PubMed MeSH Headings for nursing model

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