Library Systems Support

Step 1: Check Library Systems Status

Before entering a ticket, check our status dashboard to see whether there are any active issues or outages:


Step 2: Fix Common Problems

Most of the common problems that you may experience with library services can be fixed by by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. The links below will take you to instructions for clearing the cache and cookies in the most popular browsers.

Be sure when you clear your cache and cookies that you select "All Time" and not "The Last Hour" or "The Last Day"

Step 3: Ask a Library Tech Support Question

This form is for library tech support questions only. 

If you are having trouble with something in your class, a Kaltura video, your personal computer, or your Chamberlain account, please contact Chamberlain IT by calling (877) 366-9388.

Please provide as much detail as possible when entering your ticket. Include at least one of the following:

  • The name of the database you are trying to access
  • The title, author, year, and journal title of the article you are trying to access
  • The permalink you are attempting to use to access the source
  • The text of any error messages you received

Please Note! You are required to provide your Chamberlain email address. Questions from non-Chamberlain addresses (such as Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL) will not be answered.