Library Purchase Requests for Students

Initiate Purchase Request

To initiate a purchase request, fill out the form below.



Fill in the form completely. Include all benefits/reasons why the Library should purchase this source. Be sure to specify which courses or programs would benefit from having access to this source.

The request will be emailed to the Library Director and the Collection Development Librarian for review.     

Request is Reviewed

The Collection Development Librarian will review the request. If additional information is needed, the Collection Development librarian will communicate via email to the student requestor.

Purchase Decision: Denied

Once the Collection Development Librarian has a purchasing decision from the Library Director, communication will be sent out via email to the student requestor. If the source cannot be purchased, a detailed explanation will be sent via email to the student requestor.

Purchase Decision: Approved

If the source has been approved for purchase by the Library Director, the Collection Development Librarian will contact the student via email with detailed instructions on how to access the newly purchased source.