Finding Research Tools

Websites for Tools

Searching for a Known Tool Online

If you know the name of the tool you want to use, you can search it using your preferred search engine to see if it available on a website. These tools may be free or at a cost.

Tip! Even if you find a free tool online, there is a good chance you will need to get permission to use it. Read websites carefully for permissions needed. Make sure to keep a record of these permissions.

Government Websites

In addition, the government has health-specific research tools. Below are some suggestions on places to start looking that may have a tool to use in your project.  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Search your topic plus:   

  • measurement   
  • tools
  • questionnaires
  • surveys  
  • toolkits

Below are some example websites. 

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

World Health Organization