Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


As the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic continues, it is an important topic of research for healthcare workers. This guide provides information on how to find research and information about the topic in the library, government sources, and academic publishers.  

Search Everything

Using the Search Everything box on the library homepage is a great way to start finding information covering the pandemic. Depending on what aspect you are interested in, some example searches would be:

(COVID-19 OR coronavirus OR SARS-CoV-2) AND treatment
(COVID-19 OR coronavirus OR SARS-CoV-2) AND diagnosis
(COVID-19 OR coronavirus OR SARS-CoV-2) AND "mental health" 
(COVID-19 OR coronavirus OR SARS-CoV-2) AND (burnout OR "compassion fatigue" OR fatigue) 

Note! Since this is a very new disease, there may not be a lot of literature published on the topic yet. While some of the time from research to publication has been shortened in general due to the importance of this topic, it can often take time before research is published on a new topic, especially if the article needs to go through the full peer-review process.   

Library Databases

In addition, some library vendors have created Coronavirus (COVID-19) sources. Below are the links to these sources.  


Unlike articles, eBooks provide comprehensive overviews of topics. Explore the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in depth with the recommended eBooks below.