Scholarly Communications Toolkit

Conducting Your Research eBooks


When deciding to do a research project, you may choose to do research where you are the primary researcher and you will be the one designing the research study and collecting the data. Or perhaps you will be doing something like a systematic review where you are studying the research findings of other people. In either case, research has several phases. These include:

  1. Planning/Preparation: Collaborating, Funding, Project Management, Contracting, Setting Workflows
  2. Exploring/Discovery: Searching, Text/Data Mining, Citation Management, Annotating, Read/Review
  3. Analyzing: Collecting Data, Extracting Understandings
  4. Documenting: Writing, Coding, Citing, Translating
  5. Publishing: Presenting Findings, Collecting Peer Comments, Selecting Journals, Publishing, Archiving Data and Research Materials
  6. Assessment: Collecting Public Comments, Measuring Impact, Assessing Process Success

Writing a Research Proposal

Often, your research will start with a research proposal. Below are a couple of eBooks that can help you with this process.

Writing a Literature Review

The literature review can either be the entirety of your research project, or it can be a part of a larger research project. In either case, the literature review is an important part of the research process. Below are some items that may help with carrying out and writing your literature review.

Conducting a Research Study

Carrying out your research can take many forms. Thus, knowing the details of how to do your research study is essential. Below are some eBooks that talk about research designs. You can find these eBooks and eBooks on other research designs by searching for the type of study you want to conduct in the search box on the library homepage.

Conducting a Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis

With systematic reviews and meta-analyses, the researcher analyzes the results of other people’s research. The research methodology must be both explicit and reproducible. Below is an eBook that can help with understanding how to carry out a systematic review.

Study Protocols and Registries

Below is some information about specific study registries or protocols for carrying out studies.

Collecting the Data

During your research, you may need to use health data that has been collected by governments and organizations. Below is a link to our research guide that provides information about how to find health data.