Public Health


This guide provides sources that support study and work in public health. These include places to find supporting statistics that often drive public health policy changes and the creation of public health interventions. In addition, sources for specific health topics are presented.

Data and Government Information

Data Websites

In public health, you are often asked to locate statistics for different populations or diseases. In most cases, government organizations are the ones who compile these statistics. Here are some of the most commonly-used websites for public health statistics. If you need additional sources, you can also try using an advanced Google search on your topic and limit to the domain of .gov. This will also bring up information from things like state health departments.

Data Library Databases

The library also offers two statistics databases that may provide additional information for public health topics.

Finally, additional information to support public health topics can be found in various government information portals. Check the next tab for some commonly used ones.

Government Websites

Below are some of the most commonly-used government websites for health information. Once on the website, search keywords for your topic.