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Nurses Week 2020

Thank you, Nurses!

Nurses week is being celebrated May 6th through May 12th this year. Now more than ever, we are thankful for what you do each and every day. From working on the front lines to teaching future nurses. We thank you! 

Notes from the team:

Rachel Perry Hanses:

My son was chronically ill as an infant and in and out of the emergency room. I’ll never forget the care and compassion shown to my family during these scary moments by nurses. Nurses are the people who brought a human element to the extreme stress I was under and reassured me that I was doing everything right. I’ve worked at nursing schools for the past 10 years and seeing what you do every day humbles me. You’re truly an exceptional group of people and I am thankful to be part of your support team at Chamberlain.

Jenna Troidl:
Nurses demonstrate what it is to be truly selfless. You work endless night shifts and weekends, and you even sacrifice spending holidays with family. I am in awe that even during the grueling hours, you are still able to deliver smiles and provide warmth for those you treat. Your compassion and dedication to your profession know no bounds. I am honored to serve such an exceptional group of people here at Chamberlain University. Thank you for continuing to be a pillar of strength to your communities, especially during this turbulent time.

Susan Bridgers:
Nurses are the first smiles and last goodbyes we connect with in clinics, in many emergency situations, in hospitals. They provide the expertise, understand the family context, and make the heart connections that allow us to proceed easily in some of the most worrisome times we live through.  For all that, I say thank you.

Saskia Farber:
Nurses are the ones who bring the personal touch to medical care. They connect with other healthcare providers along with the patients and their families and help the patients make decisions that can affect their health beyond the time of care. They need to blend both empathy and scientific knowledge in order to care for their patients. These are not skills that everyone can master. I had extreme admiration for the work that nurses have done in the past and with the times as they are now, I admire them even more. You are truly heroes in the eyes of many now and rightly so. I hope everyone understands how truly important the work you do is. Thank you.  

Valerie Meyer:
I am genuinely thankful for all of the nurses that had taken care of me when I was in the hospital. But I think that I appreciated nurses the most when my mother was in the ICU, intubated. They were so concerned with every aspect of her being; I was humbled. When we finally elected to have the tube removed and end life support, my mother lived another 21 hours. The hospital kindly admitted her to hospice care. The floor nurses were so kind and thoughtful to my father.  The hospice nurses were so gentle and kind to my mother. The end came peacefully. I am so grateful for all those hours of care. I could never, ever thank nurses enough.

Mary O’Connell:
To me, nurses are real life superheroes. No matter the difficult circumstances, nurses remain focused and steadfast in their mission to care for patients. In our current times, nurses are facing challenges that test the thresholds of both mental and physical strength daily. Additionally, nurses never stop developing and improving upon their skills and knowledge through continued education. I commend nurses for their strength, expertise, and passion for the essential work that they do. I am grateful and humbled that that I get to help nurses with their educational endeavors.

Michael Chiles:
Especially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses and other healthcare professionals are some of the most important people on the planet. The knowledge, compassion, and human elements (like humor!) that nurses bring to healthcare are paramount to keeping us all alive and sane. Whenever I visit my doctor’s office, it’s always the nurses that chat with me and give me the best information. Thanks so very much for all that you do!

Eric Bemiller:
Nurses at all levels are often the kindest, and hardest working members of any healthcare organization. It's a job that combines the most difficult parts of customer service with the most personal aspects of patient care -- and yet, every nurse I've ever met has discharged their duties with the best combination of grace, humor, and humanity.

Layla Burroughs:
I was taken care of by the best nurses when I was in labor and delivery in 2015. It wasn’t the experience I had imagined or wanted but the nurses who took care of me made everything so much better. From the nurse who held my hand when I was prepped for my c-section to the night-shift nurse who took my son for observation so I could get a few hours of sleep. I’ve always admired the selflessness nurses seem to be born with. During this global pandemic, nurses are showing that they can go above and beyond what they already do, and I am amazed and so grateful. Thank you for all you do each day. 

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