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The acronym PICO can help researchers remember the components of a well-focused question.

  P     Population/Patient/Problem
 I     Intervention/Indicator
  C     Comparator/Control
  O     Outcome

Note: A simple database search strategy should begin with the P AND I:   

Other Questions in Research

In Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), treatments and therapies are called ‘interventions’ and such questions are questions of INTERVENTION.

Other types of questions can be:

  1. What causes the problem?  -   ETIOLOGY, RISK FACTORS 
  2. What is the frequency of the problem?  -  FREQUENCY
  3. Does this person have the problem? -  DIAGNOSIS
  4. Who will get the problem?  -  PROGNOSIS, PREDICTION

The PICO structure can be used to formulate the question for these and qualitative questions with a more general nature (i.e. PHENOMENA). In this case, the question will consist of ‘P’ and ‘O’ only.

Patient Problem

overweight, diabetes type 2 person


gastric bypass surgery


exercise plan and diet counseling


diabetes resolution and weight loss

Research question: With overweight, diabetics is gastric bypass more effective than exercise plan and diet counseling at increasing the probability of diabetes resolution and weight loss?

Consider two more elements of the well-focused question: the type of question and the type of study. 

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