Finding Clinical Practice Guidelines

Find Guidelines Online

Government Websites

Guidelines are often found online from organization websites instead of in journals. If you are not finding a guideline for your topic in the library, the next place to start looking is online for an organization that may have guidelines on your topic. For example, if you are looking at guidelines for preventing or treating diabetes, you might look at the American Diabetes Association website. If you don't know of a specific organization that would possibly produce guidelines on your topic, you might try doing a basic internet search like the following: 

"heart disease" and "diet guidelines"

Tip! Be sure to look for and select results from organizations that are experts on the topic.  

Below are some government websites that provide access to guidelines as well as a few other online sources you might explore, including the ECRI Guidelines Trust, which is a collection of guidelines.  

Online Sources

Below are some online sources with guidelines. Make sure to review the criteria a guideline must meet to be included in the source.