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Writing and APA Citation (7th Edition)

Formatting Basics

There is a difference between APA Style and APA Format. APA Style is a writing approach that presents research that reflects scientific objectivity whereas APA Format is what makes an article look scientific. Basically, APA Format is how the text looks and APA Style is how the text reads.

APA formatting guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • Font: See page 44, Section 2.19
  • Text spacing: See page 45, Section 2.21; page 154, Section 6.1
  • Margin size: See page 45, Section 2.22
  • Header elements: See page 44, Section 2.18
  • Title page: See pages 30-31, Section 2.3

For more information on formatting guidelines, see Chapter 2 in the Publication Manual of the APA (7th ed.).

Chamberlain APA Templates

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Note: Please contact your professor for graduate-level templates.

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