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What is a Peer-Reviewed Article?

Peer-reviewed articles are vetted by a team of reviewers prior to being allowed in the publication. Reviewers are knowledgeable in the field, check the methods used, determine whether proper processes were used and logical conclusions were developed. These articles are more likely to be unique and significant contributions to the field. 

Although peer-reviewed journals are always scholarly in nature, scholarly journals are not always peer-reviewed. Scholarly journals report results of original research and experimental studies. However, whereas peer-reviewed journals vet their articles with a panel of peer experts, an article submitted to a scholarly journal that is not peer-reviewed only requires the approval for publication from the journal editorial board.

How to Find Peer-Reviewed Articles in the Library

The library databases have both peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed publications.

To find peer-reviewed articles in the database, follow the steps below:

1. Start your search from the Search Everything tab on the library homepage.

Search Everything box on the library homepage

2. Enter your keywords into the search field, and hit search.

Keyword search in Search Everything tab on the library homepage

3. Look to the left side of the search results page, and select Peer-Reviewed.

Peer-reviewed limiter under Refine Results with Everything search

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