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Library Electronic Resources

Redistributing library electronic resources (such as PDF copies of journal articles) by making copies, emailing them, or posting them online (even in course websites) is not usually permitted by our license agreements with publishers.

The electronic resources made available through subscription on the CU Library pages are protected by a license agreement. Access, use, and reproduction of most electronic resources made available through the CU Library are governed by license agreements between the College and publishers.

In using licensed e-resources, users shall: 

  • limit uses to non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes

  • not facilitate unauthorized access by others (i.e., do not share your remote access password with anyone)

Most license agreements for electronic information resources DO NOT grant unrestricted rights to download and re-post content on a local host (e.g., CANVAS, locally-developed databases, etc.). Therefore, as a rule of thumb, link whenever possible.

Providing Permalinks

Posting Articles

When referring to articles, it is advised to provide a permalink, also known as a persistent link. Persistent links are found in each database with slightly different methods.The link to the tutorial on this is below. 

Note! Please do not post PDFs of articles in courses nor send them via email to a class. This violates our subscription agreements.

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