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Nursing Theory and Theorists

This guide will help students research nursing theory and theorists at the Chamberlain Library

Primary Sources by Author

Below you'll find a list of nursing theorists and links to any original publications carried by Chamberlain University Library. The list has been sorted alphabetically by the theorist's last name.

Benner, Patricia

Henderson, Virginia

The Virginia Henderson title "Principles and Practice of Nursing" is not available in eBook format at this time. 

King, Imogene

Leininger, Madeleine

Kolcaba, Katharine

Neuman, Betty

Newman, Margaret

Margaret Newman's book "Health as Expanding Consciousness" is not available in eBook format at this time. 

Nightingale, Florence

Orem, Dorothea

Peplau, Hildegard

Ray, Marilyn Ann

Smith, Marlaine

Swanson, Kirsten

Watson, Jean

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