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What Are Databases, Anyway?

Databases in Brief

The Chamberlain University Library, like every other academic library, subscribes to a number of these databases, which allows us to provide access to hundreds and hundreds of thousands of individual items. Because there's so much stuff, it's the library's job to help you find what you're looking for.

Where Do I Find All the Databases?

The Databases A to Z List

The Databases A to Z page lists off every single database that the library subscribes to, as well as a few governmental and/or open-access databases that you may want to search.

The page also includes a list of our "Most Popular" databases, which are the databases that are most-used by students and faculty. If you don't see a database listed there, it's probably in the full list.

Which Database Am I Supposed to Use?

There Is No One Best Database

This question comes up from time to time: Which database am I supposed to use? 

Because each database specializes in a different kind of resource, there is not one database that everyone should be searching all the time.

Students should start by searching in the main library search box on the library homepage. These search tabs allow students to search multiple databases at once, rather than each one on its own. This gives you the best chance to find something on your topic, no matter how obscure.

If you search only in one database, like CINAHL, you'll only see the stuff in that one database, which sometimes isn't very much!

However, if your professor has instructed you to use a specific database for an assignment, you should follow their instructions!

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