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At this time, the Chamberlain Library team is not accepting requests for assistance with personal research projects. We can only accept research requests associated with course development.

Librarian Liaisons

Our team is comprised of regional librarians who are located throughout the country and the library director.

Eastern Time Zone

Layla Burroughs, MLIS
Profile Picture of Layla Burroughs
Reference Services Librarian / Campus Relationships
Programs: BSN, Online BSN, and RN-BSN
Campuses: Charlotte, Tyson’s Corner, and New Brunswick

Central Time Zone

Michael Chiles, MLIS
Profile picture of Michael Chiles
Electronic Resources Librarian
Programs: MSN
Campuses: Pearland, Houston, Irving, and San Antonio
Leah Cordova, MLIS
Profile picture of Leah Cordova
Regional Librarian
Programs: DNP
Campuses: Chicago, Tinley Park, and Addison
Saskia Farber, MLIS, MA
Profile picture of Saskia Farber
Acquisitions and Assessment Librarian
Programs: MPAS, MPH, and MSW
Campuses: St. Louis, Cleveland, and Columbus
Carleen Huxley, MLIS
Carleen Huxley Profile Picture
Instruction Librarian
Programs: CFE, DNP, Gen Ed, and MSN-NP
Campuses: Pearland, Houston, Irving, and San Antonio

Mountain Time Zone

Eric Bemiller, MLIS
Profile picture of Eric Bemiller
Systems Librarian
Campuses: Troy, Indianapolis, and Pasadena

Pacific Time Zone

Jenna Troidl, MLIS, CPACC
Jenna Troidl, Digital Content Management Librarian
Digital Content Management Librarian
Campuses: Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Sacramento

Library Director