Plunkett Research Online (PRO) is a database that provides reports on market research and data and trends analysis for the industry sector.

Search Plunkett Research

Once you log into the Plunkett Research database, you have options to research an industry or a company.

Research an Industry

1. The Research an Industry option allows you to search by industry group or an exact industry. Click on the box to get started with your search.

Research an Industry selection in Plunkett

2. The Select a Major Industry Group brings you to the research center for that group where you will find information about trends, industry associations, analytics and statistics, glossary terms, and the ability to create custom reports about the industry. Start typing in your keyword and choose the industry from the dropdown menu.

Industry Search in Plunkett Research Database

Research a Company

1. The Research a Company option allows you to search by industry group, keyword in a company profile, or by company name. Click on the box to get started with your search.

Research a company selection in Plunkett

Company Search in Plunkett Research Database

2. You can also search by specific criteria, including NAIC code, stock exchange ticker, headquarters location, sales, employee count, and types of companies. Scroll under the Company Name search field to explore these options and more!


There are multiple how-to tutorials located throughout the database.  

On the homepage, there are several videos on how to accomplish specific tasks in the How to Use section.  

How to use videos on Plunkett Research home page

Throughout the database, there is a blue Tutorials button, which will link you to videos on how to do specific things. 

Tutorial button found throughout Plunkett Research