Assessment and Diagnosis

Diagnosis eBooks

Books offer a wealth of information on the diagnostic process. Below are selected eBooks from the library that cover different types of diagnosis. You can find additional eBooks on this topic by doing a search on the library homepage.

Here is an example search statement:

diagnosis AND nursing


Mental Health

Advanced Practice

Access Medicine

In addition to the eBooks above, you can also find current diagnosis and treatment books for various disciplines and populations in the Access Medicine database.

To find these books in Access Medicine, use the following steps:

1. First enter the database using the link above.

2. You can either use the scroll arrows to browse through the books that are available to you, or you can type diagnosis and treatment in the search box, and hit enter.

Search phrase, diagnosis and treatment, in Access Medicine search field

3. If using the search box, you will then see the results of the search.

Search results for diagnosis and treatment in Access Medicine

Diagnosis Databases


You can also use Access Medicine's Diagnosaurus tool to find differential diagnoses (DDx) of symptoms, signs, and diseases. 

To search the list of diagnoses, follow the steps below:

1. Log in using the link listed above.

2. Go to either All Differential DiagnosesBy SymptomBy Disease, or By Organ System, and enter your keyword(s) in the search field to search for the topic you are interested in. You can also browse the alphabetical list for your topic.

All Differential Diagnoses search box in Diagnosaurus

3. If you need additional help with how to search this source, select Instructions.

Instructions link in left-hand navigation menu of Diagnosaurus