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First, try searching in all the library sources by entering the title of your article in the search bar below. If the library has the source, it will come up in the results of the search.

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Student Article Request Policies

Some Things to Know About the Article Request Process

Who is eligible?

  • Graduate level students.
  • Undergraduate students with approval from faculty

Note! If you are a faculty member, please go to the faculty request page to place your request:

How long does it take to get an article?

Requests are processed M-F during business hours and may take up to 7-20 business days to be received. 

What type of materials can be ordered?

Only scholarly research articles for assignments will be requested.

Items that cannot be ordered include:

  • Material for discussion posts
  • Requests for conference abstracts, editorials and non-research articles
  • Print and media items

Please note that all articles requested may not be available for us to purchase.

How many articles can be requested?

  • No more than 5 articles per day
  • No more than 10 articles per user in a calendar year. If additional articles are needed, faculty approval will be required. 


  • The maximum cost for a single article request is set to $45. We can order articles that exceed this cost on a case by case basis. The ordering of these articles will count for two toward the total of the 10 articles allowed per calendar year.
  • Articles are ordered only to be used by the requesting user and are not to be redistributed or included in courses.  

Student Article Request Form

Click on the button below to start your request.

Requests may take 7-20 business days to be delivered. The librarians can help you find alternate information for your topic. Use the Ask Us page to connect to a librarian.

Contact Information

Have a question about your request or the service?

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