Political Science

How to Use U.S. Newsstream


U.S. Newsstream is a database that provides full-text access to top newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, and news websites. 

Find Newspapers

Let's say you have an assignment that requires you to find an article from a local newspaper about a local policy issue that affects you. You can choose to do an online search for the newspaper, or you can search for it in our U.S. Newsstream database.

An online search of the newspaper would allow you to access the articles directly from their website. For example, a Google search of "Arizona local newspaper" yields The Arizona Republic as the first search result. Although this is the most effective way to find articles from your local newspaper, keep in mind that you may end up hitting a paywall while trying to access the full text because most news websites now make the reader pay through a subscription or pay per article.

If that is the case, this database may be the best option because we have a subscription, which provides full-text access to certain publications. To see if your local newspaper is included in this database's list of publications, follow the steps below.

1. Enter the database through the link above.

2. In the top navigation menu, select Publications.

3. In the search field, enter the state you reside in.

4. Select In Title from the dropdown menu next to the search field.

5. Hit Search.

6. Select the newspaper title from the search results. 

7. Scroll down to view articles from the latest issue or enter a topic of interest into the Search within this Publication field.