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Pharmacology Resources for Nursing Students at all levels of practice


Pharmacology is an important part of nursing practice as it deals with the safe administration of medications. This guide offers resources that will help further your understanding of pharmacology from a basic level to advanced practice.  

Pharmacology Resources

Pharmacology Resources in the Library

The Chamberlain University Library has many resources that address topics related to pharmacology. Please find some selected resources below regarding medication information.  

Drug Manuals/Handbooks

Note! If you are a campus-based student or live near a campus, check for more recent editions of these and other drug manuals in the Centers for Academic Success (CAS).

Databases Specifically for Medications


FDA: Food & Drug Administration

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

NLM: National Library of Medicine

Nursing Education Videos on Drug Administration

There are videos available from the library on medication administration and drug safety. Follow the instructions below to find the videos.

Nursing Reference Center Skills Videos

​1. Enter the database through the link above.

2. Type this phrase into the search field: medication administration.

Search for medication administration videos in Nursing Reference Center Plus

3. Under Publication Type, select Show More.

4. In the Publication Type box, select Video.

Select video as publication type in Nursing Reference Center Plus

Pharmacology eBooks

Find general information on pharmacology topics in these eBooks from the library.


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