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New Guide format to provide students assistance in finding relevant pathology, physiology, and anatomy resources


Pathophysiology is the scientific study of functional changes that come from or cause disease or injury (Quinn, 2008). This guide features a collection of resources related to this field of study, including links to library databases, eBooks and videos.

Library Resources

Below are selected eBooks from the Chamberlain University Library. Use the search term of pathophysiology from the Search eBooks tab on the library homepage to find similar titles.

The Chamberlain University Library offers videos on pathophysiology topics. See the instructions below to access these videos. 

Alexander Street Press

To access pathophysiology videos in Alexander Street Press, do the following: 

1. Click on the link above to access the database.

2. In the search box, enter pathophysiology

Screenshot of Alexander Street Press search box with the keyword of pathophysiology. 

3. Select the video that is of interest to you.    

Made Incredibly Easy Animations

To access the animations in the LWW Health Library, do the following:

1. Log into the database using the link above.

2. Once in the resource, use the browse option and select Video & Audio. This will provide a list of animations, some of which cover pathophysiology concepts.

Made Incredibly Easy Dashboard

In addition to eBooks and videos, the Chamberlain University Library offers databases that cover pathophysiology topics. See the instructions below to access these databases.


To access the resources, follow the steps below:

1. Log into the database using the link above.

2. Select the body system of interest to see information about the anatomy and physiology related to that system. 

Screenshot of different body systems you can select in Anatomy.TV


To use this database, follow the steps below:

1. Log into the database using the link above.

2. Search for your disease or condition.  

Screenshot of search for chicken pox in DynaMed database

3. Click on the condition from the search results that best fits what you are interested in. This will bring up a whole document on the condition. One of the sections that you can choose will be Etiology and Pathogenesis, which will give you information about the pathophysiology. 

Screenshot of the etiology and pathogenesis link in a condition overview in DynaMed Plus

Access Medicine

There are flashcards in the Access Medicine database that can help you study pathophysiology concepts. Use the following steps to access these flashcards.  

1. Log in using the link to the database above.

2. Use the Study Tools menu, and select Flashcards.

Screenshot of Flashcard option in study tool drop down menu in the Access Medicine database

3. Select Pathophysiology of Disease Flashcards.

Screenshot of the pathophysiology of disease flashcards option in the Access Medicine database

4. Log in if you already have an account OR go to Create a Free MyAccess Profile to create an account. 

5. Select the flashcard option from the choices provided that fits what you would like to study. 


Quinn, J. M., V (2008). Pathophysiology. In Y. Zhang (Ed.), Encyclopedia of global health. Sage Publications.

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