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A Quick Orientation to Library Guides


No matter whether you are an experienced student, brand-new to college, or returning to school after time away, everyone needs help getting around the library sometimes. This guide gathers together some of our best tutorials and instructional materials to help you get started.

What Are Library Guides?

The Chamberlain University Library's website is made up of library guides.

Every library guide (or page) -- like this one! -- is a collection of information put together by the Chamberlain University Library team to help you learn more about a specific topic or subject or course of study. You can think of a library guide as being like a book, with each guide page being one chapter in that book. The different sections of each "chapter" are listed underneath each page. 

How Do I Find My Way Around a Library Guide?

As you can see on this guide, every library guide has a navigation bar on the left-hand side, which provides links to all the "stuff" included in the guide.

How to Get Help

What Librarians Can Help With

The library staff CAN

  • Help you get started with your research
  • Help you request a copy of an article
  • Help you learn to use the library and search effectively
  • Help you navigate and get the most out of our databases
  • Provide certain kinds of advanced research support
  • Answer quick questions on almost any topic related to the library

The library staff CANNOT

  • Review your papers or help with APA References, Citations or Formatting
    • Instead: Ask your professor
  • Help you understand assignment requirements
    • Instead: Ask your professor
  • Help you buy, access, or find free copies of textbooks
  • Help you with computer troubles
    • Instead: Contact Chamberlain University IT by calling (877) 366-9388
  • Answer questions about finances, tuition, enrollment, course requirements, or course contents
    • Instead: Contact Chamberlain Student Services at 800-240-2071, Option 3

How to Get Librarian Help

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment is the most effective way to get one-on-one help with your research or with in-depth questions about using the library. You can make an appointment by selecting the Appointment Request icon in the Library Services box on the library homepage.

Librarians can meet with you by phone or WebEx for your appointment.

Chat Live

During our chat hours, you can speak with the librarian on duty and ask quick questions about your research or other library-related topics. Check our Hours page in the top right-hand corner of the library website to see when chat is open.

Email a Question

To submit a question by email, visit the Ask Us! page in the top right-hand corner of the library website, and fill out the Email a Question form. Emailed questions are typically answered within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.