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Chamberlain University

Chamberlain University: Institutional Review Board

Submission for Initial Review

For the initial review of a proposed study, researchers must complete and submit an IRB Application Form. The application form will solicit information about the study's objectives and procedures, risks and benefits, subject recruitment, data collection methods and tools, informed consent procedures, and how researchers will ensure privacy of subjects and confidentiality of data, as well as other information.

When appropriate, researchers must include the following along with the application form:

  • Informed Consent Materials and Forms
  • Written Information Sheets Provided to Study Subjects
  • Parental Consent and/ or Assent Forms
  • Recruitment letters, notices, emails, or other materials
  • Letters of Support
  • Study Protocol
  • Questionnaires/ surveys/ interview questions/ tools
  • Copies of approval letters from other institutional review boards
  • Study Budgets
  • Approval Notice from the Chamberlain University Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
  • Approval Notice from the Chamberlain University Marketing/ Regulatory Compliance departments
  • Reliance agreements with/ from external IRBs

Please note: All studies collecting data from Chamberlain University students and colleagues must first be reviewed and approved by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Research. For studies involving contact and interaction with Chamberlain University students, recruitment flyers and surveys must be reviewed and approved by Marketing/ Regulatory Compliance prior to submission to the IRB. Researchers should refer to the University's Surveying Standard Operating Procedures for further information.

All forms and materials should be sent to The IRB will record the date of receipt and review the submission for completeness. For initial reviews, the IRB will make every effort to provide researchers an initial review response within 14 days after receiving all required forms and materials. Materials received just before a holiday or a session break may result in a response delay.

Please refer to the "Continuing Review and Amendments to Studies" tab for information regarding submission materials after the initial review.