This guide features information sources that cover American and contemporary world history topics. Here, you will find links to library databases, eBooks, websites, and helpful search guides and tutorials.

Library Orientation

Orientation Video

Before you start your research, click on the play button below to watch a library orientation and search best practices video.

Related Search Guides

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The Chamberlain University Library provides access to information sources through a single, unified search system on the library homepage, otherwise known as the Search Everything system. This system allows you to search the library's entire collection, including electronic journals (eJournals), electronic books (eBooks), videos, reference materials, and more.

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Search History Databases

The preferred way of finding a source for your assignment is by doing a search from the Search Everything system on the library homepage. However, your instructor may require a specific database for your research, or you may want to explore a database that focuses more on history topics. If this is the case, then below are the top-recommended databases for history.

To browse our full list of databases, visit the Databases A to Z list!