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Global Health


Global health is a multidisciplinary approach to improving health and eliminating health disparities for the world population (Koplan, et al., 2009). Global health is not limited by location as it focuses on both domestic and cross-border issues. However, with the rise of epidemic infectious diseases crossing international borders, keeping informed on the topics covered in this discipline is becoming increasingly important. This guide provides library and government resources covering all aspects of global health, including policy-making, health promotion, partnerships and initiatives, and more.

Global Health eBooks

Below are selected eBooks from the library on global health. You can find these eBooks along with similar titles by using the search phrases of global health AND policy or global health AND nursing in the search box on the library homepage.




Koplan, J. P., Bond, T. C., Merson, M. H., Reddy, K. S., Rodriguez, M. H., Sewankambo, N. K., Nelson, K., & Wasserheit, J. N. (2009, June 6-12). Towards a common definition of global health. The Lancet, 373(9679), 1993-1995.

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